DYMENSiON is the SaaS business arm of the Kings Secure Technologies group of companies, and brings data and incident trend analytics to the global market.

It is widely accepted throughout industry that data must drive decision making, and that clients benefit from a single entry point for their entire estates’ information; allowing them to analyse spend and mitigate risk. DYMENSiON provides just that; a rich user experience with enhanced navigation and robust analytics tools that simplify and confirm trends.

With a deep focus on security and data integrity, DYMENSiON already helps many FTSE businesses in wide ranging sectors such as Manufacturing, Finance, Public Sector and Retail, manage their spend vs risk, using the platform for communication, data protection, asset information and incident management.

We recognise that in today’s data and cloud-dominated market, data and analytical thinking to measure spend vs risk is fundamental to our clients’ requirements.


DYMENSiON Dashboard Graphic

The DYMENSiON solution provides instant insight into multiple levels of understanding and decision making, so you can use our time to better collaborate and grow as a business.

Empowering any team to engage and assess their estates performance and operational management, interactively through the use of data, information, intelligence and collaboration.

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