Add a mobile dimension to your service by using the DYMENSiON OneTouch App.

A mobile and highly flexible solution that is an integral part of the DYMENSiON Platform, allowing you to easily and innovatively extend the use of the solution within your business.

Can be used by on-site and mobile staff, third party contractors and engineers within multiple sectors such as Security, Crime and Risk Prevention, Compliance and Service Management.

Capture real time incidents, complete many types of processes (simple or complex), gather data and multimedia evidence at the touch of a button.

Effectively used to streamline and automate processes such as incident reporting, inspections, compliance audits, civil recovery, patrol management, health and safety and dispatch job management – improving efficiency due to the ease and quality of real-time reporting.

Also provides a secure and robust multi-media notifications and alerts engine that delivers real time intelligence sharing capability

One Touch App

Google Play and Apple Store

The latest version of DYMENSiON OneTouch is now available for download in both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

For more information on licensing options please email

DYMENSiON One Touch App Available

+Key Features

  • Devices can be set as ‘Roaming Enabled’ which allows the user of the device to switch the site and process to follow, by reading a programmed NFC tag or QR Code – the process automatically pulls down specific buttons, forms, workflow and settings held and managed centrally by the secure DYMENSiON platform
  • NFC Tag, QR Code Engineer Check-in/Check-out and Patrol Route Management actions with flexible logic provides full warehouse patrol management with configurable routes
  • Live site information available on demand as per DYMENSiON Site page e.g. Statistics, Key holders, Contact Details, Systems, URNs etc.
  • Ability to raise a site specific Service Call directly from the device including System, Reason and Details
  • Ability to trigger CCTV alarms on button selection
  • Full transactional logging of user and device actions as well as map-location, building up detailed evidence of all OneTouch events
  • Ability to work off-line if connectivity is lost, synchronising collected data upon reconnection
  • Full device registration, configuration and management using ‘First Time Setup’ username and password which then enables particular functionality
  • Fully encrypted data transfer and near-zero data foot print left on the device
  • Ability to use a ‘Secure PIN’ to use the App and also change specific personal data
DYMENSiON One Touch App Screen

Incident Management

  • Incidents can be recorded of any nature to suit client requirements
  • Can be managed manually or by our specialist remote teams, including analytical support
  • Provides opportunity for reduction of resources such as guarding and unnecessary visits to premises
  • Can incorporate any of the facilities offered by DYMENSiON
Benefit: Significantly improved reporting, allowing better and more informed risk decisions.
DYMENSiON One Touch App Phone Screen

Health & Safety

  • Designed to report on a wide variety of health and safety incidents
  • The ability to capture evidential footage and photographs in real time
  • Excellent for responding to incidents in a timely and professional manner
  • Allows remote access for senior management to escalate appropriately and accordingly
Benefit: Improved visibility of non compliance leading to the reduction of claims and enforcing a good work practice culture. Promotes the effective response to serious issues, potentially reducing any reputational impact.
DYMENSiON One Touch App Health and Safety Incident Screen

+Key Features

  • Fully configurable with branding capability for your company – powered by highly configurable e-Form, button and workflow engines
  • Allows the raising of any type of incident report and enables the following of a multi-step process, by simply touching on screen buttons which open configurable bespoke e-forms with advanced workflow rules, as required by the process
  • Ability to capture and upload evidential media i.e. captured photos, videos and audio as evidence to support an incident by using the device – this media appears in DYMENSiON within a couple of seconds as part of the reported incident
  • Includes a Telephone Book feature that stores specific phone numbers
  • Includes a Documents feature that present users with the latest versions of documents held on the DYMENSiON platform centrally
  • Automatically records geo-location (Latitude, Longitude) with date and time stamps throughout the process followed
  • Full Push Notification feature to share intelligence with 1000s of devices, in seconds, including live security incidents, known offenders, suspicious vehicles or any other event – allowing the recipient to further explore the details of the shared record as well as other directly related records
  • Ability to read NFC tags, QR Codes and Bar Codes into form fields to collect a wide variety of asset, location or other information
DYMENSiON One Touch App Main Screen

Dispatch Management

  • Enables remote incident response such as key holding and out-of-hours operations where premises may be at risk
  • Provides multiple SLAs around time allotted action points
  • Allows effective management and escalation if required
  • Can be supported by remote monitoring staff, providing potential staff safety benefits
Benefit: Safety and staff reduction opportunities by saving the financial costs of key holding and out-of-hours operations.
DYMENSiON One Touch App Phone Screen

Patrol Management

  • Exceeds current service levels by taking guarding / security personnel to the next level
  • Ensures adherence to plotted routes, managing incidents, and carrying out stop and search operations, whilst also supplying significant data capture for analysis
  • Provides a managed experience which significantly improves reporting performance, whilst flexible enough to allow for common sense decisions
  • Uses NFC tags to easily record the location of an incident
Benefit: Improved location based reporting with less resources and better intelligence generation.
DYMENSiON One Touch App Phone Screen

Civil Recovery

  • Utilises a predefined and client accommodating data capture tool which is industry compliant for the automation of civil recovery cases
  • Can be used in both retail and distribution networks
  • Composes a seamless and transparent reporting process
Benefit: Opportunities for increased revenue generation and preventative impact.
DYMENSiON One Touch App Screen

Data Sharing and Collaboration

  • Ability to cascade information to relevant parties via SMS, Emails and Data Rich Push Notifications
  • Provides user shared links to quickly access specific records
  • Easily alerts personnel to relevant information accompanied with images e.g. a known shoplifter in the area
  • Invite personnel to update any relevant information on to a specific record
Benefit: Allows intelligence to be shared quickly and securely to enhance operations and safety of staff.
DYMENSiON One Touch App Notifications